Healthy Native Communities Partnership, Inc. (HNCP) is a national non-profit organization that works with Native communities to realize their own vision of wellness. We support capacity building, leadership development, partnership, and networking from the wisdom and strengths of local communities.


All HNCP work is rooted in the honoring of tradition. Each Tribe and Native community is unique, and has its own stories and traditions. Many Native communities view health through the traditional concepts of balance, a consideration of mind, body, and spirit, and a sense of the well being for all.


• Community Wisdom – the answers we seek are already present in our communities

• Cultural knowledge is the foundation of successful programs and interventions

• The leaders we need are already here

• Health is created at the level of families and communities



• Contribution: Each person has something of value to contribute

• Equity & Fairness: emphasis on social justice

• Collaboration: working together across boundaries

• Ownership: community empowerment and participation

• Hope: cultivate and nurture hope and the human spirit

• Balance: emphasis on both culturally supported and evidence based interventions


HNCP has a wide network of partners covering a broad geographic range – from Alaska to Maine, from Canada to Texas impacting reservation and urban Native communities. This network represents a powerful positive force for change.

•  More than 300 Fellows are bringing all the voices in their communities together to plan and choose wise actions to move towards their own vision of wellness

• More than 450 Just Move It partner programs are pushing back against the waves of chronic disease by getting thousands of indigenous people of all ages moving

• More than 500 participants in Creating Community Circles for Change are sharing what works for wellness and linking together to support each other in Regional Wellness Networks

• More than 300 Native Digital Storytellers are creating and sharing powerful authentic stories of strength, struggle, and resilience