The Healthy Native Communities Fellowship (HNCF) engages a diverse cross-section of emerging leaders through collaborative learning grounded in Native spiritual and cultural perspectives.


The Fellowship includes three one-week leadership retreats enriched by ongoing coaching, peer mentorship and "FellowSpace" activities. These gatherings work to cultivate Community connectedness by nurturing talents, building leadership, drawing on cultural and spiritual resources to enhance Community wellness.


HNCF develops and supports teams of change agents to lead creative wellness strategies in Native Communities. Fellows who complete the initial year-long Fellowship are invited to participate in Years Two and  Three, where they apply their tools, strengthen their coalitions and focus on keeping track of Community changes and outcomes.




Teams of Fellows represent a cross-section of their communities and unique partnerships between health systems, local organizations and Community members committed to improving the health and well-being of their Native Communities. Applying what they learn, they work collaboratively with Community members to listen, dialogue, take action on and reflect/evaluate on Community- identified health and wellness issues.


Since 2005, more than 300 Fellows have graduated from the program and are working to bring positive change to their communities and organizations.

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Healthy Native Communities Partnership