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Some of our amazing Board members share why they support HNCP


“I’ve been saying for years that we had the answers within ourselves, within our communities, but I felt like I wasn’t heard. And here I was, standing in this circle, listening to an organization who believed it too and not only that, there were 50 other people standing in the circle who believed it too! I was so overwhelmed to realize I wasn’t alone. The experience changed me and I knew right then, I wanted to be part of HNCP and have been involved ever since. I believe in HNCP and I want to see others experience what I did. ”

APRIL CHARLO - Salish / Kootenai

“HNCP is a breath of fresh air to our communities who are looking for positive healthy change. I have seen activities and I've felt light at people’s eyes, in their heart … and heard their laughter.


This organization is more than going around and training people - it's a healing ceremony helping the right people to go out and continue throughout the nation.  HNCP personally helped me by giving me the confidence that I can become a champion in my community. I brought the community building tools into my language of my life practice and brought it to other communities doing this work.”

DAVID REEDE – San Carlos Apache

“ The experience of being in the Fellowship allowed me to find my own confidence in my own ability and it allowed me to understand my community. Being with the Fellowship, the wisdom and the strength that was shared with everyone helped me to engage in community and positive growth.


From that point is where I began to understand the wisdom and strength within us. HNCF and HNCP  actually opened my eyes to who I was.”

PAUL ALLIS – Pool Tribe of Towanda

 “The Fellowship allowed me to share my experiences as a Native person and reclaim my personal sense of cultural identity and belonging.


Although my commitment to serving individuals and Native communities was evident in my work, my upbringing in a colonized culture created barriers to allowing communities to be the experts on their road to wellness. The healing I experienced from participating in the Fellowship was a philosophical shift in how I practiced public health in tribal communities.